Barkway Photos

What happened to Barkway Photos?

In short, my main photo assistant (and dog) Steve went from sometimes shy to a full-blown case of fearful aggression toward other dogs.  Maybe he got attacked at daycare?  Something else?  Who knows.  Whatever the cause, he just started going off on every dog he saw.  When I saw him snapping at a lovely poodle that desperately wanted to play with him, I knew something was off.

So Steve and I spent much of 2017 working with a trainer, and that has helped his calmness and on-leash behavior.  But to get us back at the dog park --- and to get Barkway Photos going again --- he needs some re-socialization, with slow introductions to well-adjusted, playful dogs who can remind him how awesome (and not-scary) dogs are.  

If you and your dog would like to help me help Steve, please contact me via email at:  Thanks, and with some luck, we'll have some new photos in 2018!

Steve as a puppy

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